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Ultimate Speed Machines

Ferrari F430

Sports Cars


Our Range 

If you’re looking for the ultimate sexy speed machines on four wheels, then nothing comes a close second to driving one of our prestigious premium sports cars. The vehicles on our books are the top of range premium vehicles in their category. Only, these awesome machines in many cases are not just automobiles. In terms of road performance, they are a cut above the average car you will see on the streets of Britain. Still, you actually need to get your hands around one of their wheels to fully appreciate their power and beauty. Ergonomically, they are perfect and have been made ideal for self-drive. They exude luxury and style with their combination of fine exterior and interior design, based on state of the art technology. The in-car entertainment facilities too, together with the interior decor will lure you into them and keep you imprisoned with their charm and quality for longer than you can possibly imagine.

The Right Car 

If you need some assistance to help you decide which vehicle will be the most suitable for a specific occasion, you can contact us by mail or phone, but first of all, have a look at our gallery. The list includes the Audi R8 limo, the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari F430, and much more.

Performance & Safety

All of our vehicles are regularly serviced by Specialists Car Repairers and kept in tip-top condition to guarantee their optimum performance and safety.

Audi R8

The super responsive Audi 8’s blistering performance, derived from cutting-edge technology might make it the ultimate high-performance car, but its well-designed seats are built for everyday comfort.

Aston Martin Rapide

Reputed by many to be the most beautiful four-door sports car, the Rapide’s capacious interior, not only belies its lithe road performance which is excellent, it’s sumptuous beyond belief.

Ferrari California

Although the first of its kind to have a dual-clutch gearbox and a front-mounted V8 engine, the California retains an impressive all-round road performance and a warm raspy engine synonymous of Ferraris

Ferrari 458

Response to the driver’s input, in all situations requiring maximum manoeuvrability, makes the 458 a dream car. It’s a compact and beautifully sculpted speed machine that boasts an exhilarating ride.

Ferrari 430

The Ferrari 430 is a high performance car that takes you to the edge. With its brilliant steering, throttle, traction control and response, it’s one of the best of the Ferraris in terms road-car perfection.

Lamborghini Huracan

Designed to cut through the air with minimum resistance to its knife-edged aerodynamic features, the Huracan practically floats on the roads. It’s a perfect blend of high-end design and technology under one bonnet.

Lamborghini Aventador

The imagination is the limit when it comes to the Aventador’s bodywork, not reality. This flamboyant car oozes with raw power, thanks to a rasping engine that rises to a bone-rattling roar that’s exhilarating at full throttle.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

The Gallardo Spyder is not just about its ten-cylinder unit, which is an upgrade Audi’s R8 V10. It’s a top performance supercar and arguably the finest-looking Lamborghini Gallardo to date.

Bentley Continental GTC

With a six-speed gearbox and a twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W12 that revs up to settle to whispery purr, the Continental GTC moves with stealth and is remarkably manoeuvrable at awesome speeds.