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The Industry Standard Luxury Limousine

Pink limousine

The Pink Limousine


¬†Apart from the fact the colour of this limousine is a head-turner, it’s a fun alternative to the more austere looking limos that are meant to portray class, status and opulence. That is not to say that a pink limo lacks all those characteristics. Far from it! Sometimes people who have it and have had it for long enough, don’t want to flaunt their wealth like the rest of the flock. For some, the enjoyment doesn’t come from how others perceive them, but from trying to ensure life is a fun ride. The Pink Limo is a good way to make an understated impact.

Always the limo that places smiles in people’s heart when it drives past them, it is a great vehicle for girl’s parties, hen dos and a lot more. If you want your daughter to know that she is your little princess, hiring a pink limo for her and her friends to go out and celebrate in, is one great way to make her feel special on her birthday. They range from 8 to 16-seaters, which makes them ideal for inviting close friends for a girly weekend of revelling.

The interior colour of a pink limo is often… yes, you guessed it, amazingly pink too! It has pink leather seats, and even the beverages on offer can be pink Champaign, if requested during booking. As with all such luxury vehicles, some of its features include neon and laser lights, a DVD player and a TV screen. There are also four bars, which as mentioned, could be stocked up with champagne on ice, or soft drinks.