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VIP Party Bus

Where The Party Begins

Parties On Wheels

Party Bus limousines are some of the most spacious group transportation vehicles within the Limo Hire industry. Most them are fitted with comfortable leather seats, a DVD player, laser light show features, mini bars, incredible sound systems and plasma TVs.

Ideal Icebreakers

They epitomise modern travel at its most fun. Celebrated for their unique appearances, they are a very popular mode of transport throughout the UK, especially at the weekends. In most British cities, particularly during the summer months, you are bound to come across a party bus or two jammed with passengers out on a hen night, a birthday or some other excuse life’s given them to celebrate. There is no better way for a group of friends to kick-start an event before they actually reach their chosen destination. Party buses are not just limos; they are also moving nightclubs. They are often bursting at the seams with partygoers in high-spirit, ready to spill out and into venues, where they can then continue revelling at the same happy tempo and mood.

For All  Occasions

As well as being ideal celebratory vehicles, they are a good way of making a long journey fun if you are travelling in a group. Also, you don’t have to make an ostentatious occasion of it. The tinted windows mean that you can still have a blast while remaining anonymous if you value your privacy.