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The Industry Standard Luxury Limousine

Fire Engine Limousine

Fire Engine Limousine


For those who prefer the less conventional, a fire engine limousine is the ideal limo. Other limos might immediately exude luxury and opulence, but there is something to be said about a less self-conscious or self-important image of this bright red limo, complete with firemen, on request.

The Limo looks just like the real thing from the outside, but the inside is a completely different world, with its authentic and unique disco environment. The ceilings are mirrored. There are bubble machines, a karaoke system, and a well stocked up bar that is almost as big as any you would find in a conventional upmarket small pub-restaurant. Of course, no disco would be complete without a sound system and the Fire Engine Limousine has a super surround CD and DVD player, as well as LCD TV screens.

With a crew of real macho firemen on board, this limo is a popular option for hen nights and women out partying in general. The firemen can also provide light entertainment, typical of hen nights… But in the case of family occasions where children are present, testing Fire Engine hosepipes and taking photographs makes for great entertainment also.