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Ferrari limousine

Ferrari Limousine


The world’s first and only Stretched Ferrari F1 360 Limousine is a super comfortable and stunning vehicle that will get anyone noticed on the roads. The limo was originally a normal Ferrari 360 sports car that was then stretched. It’s now an 8-seater and a car-ride-worth experiencing, if only because of its name.

As should be expected from Ferrari, it has a real sporty image and feel about it, as well as an engine to match. Considered to be the fastest limo currently being used for hire. This is an impressive vehicle, considering that it is 23 feet long and can still hit speeds of up to 170mph with an acceleration of 0-60mph in less than six seconds!

The size and look of this car, coupled with its Bose sound system, DVD/CD player and laser, makes it ideal for young corporate events, weddings, stag parties, as well as other large prestigious social events.