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The Industry Standard Luxury Limousine


The BMW X5 Limousine


The BMW has always been a car model noted for its performance and the X5 is no exception. It is considered by many to be one of the best European 4×4 limousines one can hire! This limo exudes style and class and can be used for a variety of special occasions, including corporate events, weddings, business trips and exclusive social gatherings. It’s a beast of a limousine. The elevated two-tone ostrich leather seats, expertly positioned for an optimum vision of the road from its luxurious cockpit, is a good enough reason to want to sit in this car, even if you are not driving it. It terms of space, its 140” stretch size is more than enough room to relax in. And if the sheer power and elegance of the car alone does not keep you mesmerised for long enough? Well, you’ll be surrounded by the latest gadgets and accessories money can buy. Its DVD/CD player with a subwoofer outage from a surround sound system is top-notch. There’s state of the art lighting for every occasion, as well as multiple flat screen TVs and a mini bar.

In terms of its safety and privacy, its reinforced 22mm thick security glass and privacy glass makes it ideal for families and perhaps VIP executives wanting to have fun in a secure space beyond prying eyes.

A key aspect of the car’s design is a focus on its aerodynamics, which helps reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Large air inlets, the Aero Curtain in the front apron and the newly developed Air Breather in the front wheel arches, brings home the BMW X5 sporting car credentials, in case you’re still in any doubt…